How to Use a Washing Machine to Clean Clothes

  1. Take anything out of the pockets of dirty clothes.
  2. Sort dirty clothes into darks (blacks, blues, purples, and browns), colours and whites. Make sure the correct coloured dirty clothes go in the correct group. Use colour-coded or labelled baskets to make it easier for others to know where which clothes go in which basket.
  3. Once a basket it full take it to the Washing Machine. Open the door of the washing machine and load the dirty clothes inside of it.
  4. Open the Washing Machine Drawer and add in 3 small scoops of Washing Powder in the left-hand compartment.
  5. Add a measure of Fabric Softener in the middle compartment with a plastic cover on it.
  6. Optional – add any additional Fabric cleaner, such as Oxidising Powder for stubborn stains, into the compartment on the right.
  7. Close the Washing Machine Drawer.
  8. Use the dial or buttons on the front of the Washing Machine to program whichever cycle you want. There should be a clearly labelled cycle suitable for dark colours, an Eco setting for general washing, a quick wash for clothes that just need freshening up, and a Cotton option for dirty cotton clothes.
  9. Set the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius.
  10. Start the cycle, and let it finish. Depending on the cycle this can take anything from, for example, half an hour to three hours.
  11. Once the cycle has ended change it to a Spin Cycle. This is a cycle that doesn’t add water but spins the clothes one last time to ring out any excess water. It usually only runs for around 15 minutes.
  12. Once the cycle has completed remove the clothes.
  13. Check the labels for each piece of clothing. Make two piles. One pile that can safely go in a Dryer, another pile for clothes not suitable for Tumble Drying. Underwear can always go in the Tumble Dryer.
  14. The clothes that can be dried, put in the dryer for 60-90 minutes, depending on the size of the load, using the default settings.
  15. For clothes that can’t be Tumble Dried place on a washing line outside if it is warm, or on a radiator stand inside the house if it is winter.
  16. Once the clothes are dry collect them all together and sort by owner.
  17. Fold the clothes up in a nice pile and take to the owner. Ask that they put them away in a tidy manner.