We Want Your Old Tech!

Skippy wants your Unloved and Broken Tech
We want your unused and broken tech

Finished with some technology and you no longer need it? Do you have some broken or unloved gadgets you are looking to move on? Need to free up some space and declutter? Skippy would love your old technology.

Complete the form below to tell Skippy about any technology equipment you no longer have any use for. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours. We will accept all forms of technology ranging from laptops, phones, tablets, games consoles, and gadgets, in any condition. Broken, unused, unboxed, we don’t mind. We take it all. Bulk orders are accepted too. And if you are local we can even arrange to collect it.

Never put unused technology in landfill. Send it to Skippy instead so that it can be rejuvenated. Save the planet, save the tech!

We Want Your Tech

How this Service Works

If you donate any technology you no longer need, that technology will go on an incredible journey and have a new lease of life.

First of all, the donated tech will be checked over to see if there are any issues that will stop it from working. If there are, Skippy will work his best to fix them, and bring that piece of tech back to life. You may have noticed on the website Skippy runs a repair blog. We try our best to record every single repair and publish it on our website. This is done to showcase the incredible skills of Skippy, and is a great selling point.

We love fixing stuff. Not only does it save the planet (a huge part of the Skippy ethos is to remain environmentally friendly and reuse as much ‘stuff’ as possible) but it also means no technology goes to waste. This is another part of the Skippy ethos – ‘No Tech Left Behind’. You’ll hear Skippy mention this quite a lot. He’s quite passionate about it.

And for those items that can’t be fixed? They will be either be kept for spare parts, allowing us to keep costs for repairs down for any other customer who contacts us to get something fixed. It could be upcycled into some type of crazy work of technological art by some rather amazing crafters. Lastly it could be recycled in an environmentally safe way by stripping down all of the different parts that make up the device and ensure it is scrapped in a safe and correct manner. We only ever work with waste companies with the correct certification on waste disposal and technology recycling, ensuring the carbon footprint of disposing of the item is either non-existent or is kept to an absolute minimum.

Fixed items will then begin their new life in one of many new ways:

  • If the tech is fairly modern and can be reused it will be made available to others. They will be made available for sale on our digital platforms such as our website or social media channels.
  • if we have some organisations, such as small businesses, individuals, and charities, that we know are looking for budget tech we will make them aware the item is available and ask for a donation for the item. This is a key part of the Skippy business model, our overheads are usually paid by selling and donating tech, meaning we can keep costs down elsewhere within other services.
  • For people or charities that can’t afford to get things fixed, we may keep some items for parts to help fix items at no cost to the individual or charity. We all have to do our part to help out if we can. We even donate items if we feel they can be of some use.
  • And for those items that have been fixed but need to be moved on, we’ll make them available for sale on our Ebay account, which has a fantastic reputation for making good quality technology, repaired the right way, available to anyone who needs it at a fraction of the price of buying brand new.

See, nothing gets wasted!

Key Information for this Service

Postal address for sending items is below

Legend of Skippy Tech Donation
33 Kilwick Street
TS24 7QG
United Kingdom
Email address for parcel tracking (optional): skippy@legendofskippy.com

Please include your name, email address, contact number, and details of the technology you are donating inside the box.

If you are donating tech that has data on them, such as phones or tablets, please ensure, if possible, that they are reset to factory defaults. All donated tech is factory reset / formatted by Skippy ready to be repurposed, but if any existing accounts exist that cannot be removed it may impact on the ability for others to use the item.

Lastly, this is a free service, and no money is exchanged between the person / people donating the technology and Skippy. We do not buy old tech. We accept donations, repair the items at our own cost, and move them on to others who need them. If you are looking to sell your old tech we highly recommend using Ebay.