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Get your phone back in full working order with a little help from Skippy. We specialise in all manner of repairs ranging from smashed screens to charging port replacements. Even for those obscure phones only a handful of people have heard of.

The number of different makes and models of phone available right now is exhausting to think about. We couldn’t possibly list all of the different screens, batteries, speakers and cases we could supply to fix all manner of issues.

We had to think drastically.

Rather then listing a million different repair options, why not simply complete the online form below to tell us what the problem is and we’ll send you a quote back to fix it.

Mobile Phone Repair

Ordering the Service

Complete the form above to tell us what issues you are having with your phone. We will try our best to get back to you within a reasonable time (usually within 24 hours), with a quote for the repair. This quote will be valid for 30 days.

1. If you are happy with the quote use the built in payment option on the quote to pay for the repair.

2. Send the phone to the below address, including your name, return address, email address, contact number, and details of the issue. Please ensure the box and packaging is strong and sufficient enough for two deliveries – sending it and returning it to you. Please only send the phone – chargers are not required.

Legend of Skippy Phone Repair Service
33 Kilwick Street
TS24 7QG
United Kingdom
Email Address for postage tracking (optional):

3. Upon delivery you will receive an email confirming delivery, and your phone will be booked in for repair / diagnosis.

4. Additional emails may be sent to update you on any issues encountered during the repairing process.

5. The phone will be repaired, cleaned, reassembled, and tested. Once tested and working an email will be sent to confirm the repair has been completed.

6. Finally, the phone will be re-packaged and shipped back to you. One final email will be sent to confirm this has happened, including a Tracking Number. A few days later you will receive your phone back to you ready to be used once again.